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Activatingthe Blessing Power
Laurel Pen Set – Empowerment of Writing, Success in Examination

To bring blessing to test-takers and empower your writing, we offer Laurel Pen Set,with a ballpoint pen and a 2B pencil, to help reach your goals – whether it concerns entrance exams, certification exams, contract signing, petition documents, writing proposals, or any paper works.

Sakyamuni Buddha said, “Incense is the Buddha’s messenger,” soit is even better if one can pay tribute to the Buddha and make wishes with your Laurel Pen Set along with the incense, say,Incense for Buddha, Incense for Honor, Incense for Wisdom, The Perfect Series Set, or The Great Series Set.


Take a photo with Bodhisattva Wenshu, show the photo to the Temple staff or check in on FB, and you are entitled to get aLaurel Pen Set.

Activatingthe Blessing Power
  • Worship
  • Takeyour Laurel Pen Set along with the incense (if there is any) to the front door outside the main hall, facing the BuddhaDa Zi Zai Wang Fo, and perform three chants and three bows, that is, to silently chant “Na Mo Ben Shi Da Zi Zai Wang Fo南無本師大自在王佛” and bow for three times, and make wishes.

  • Empowerment
  • In front of the Riding-Dragon Guanyin, there is an incense burner marked “huake daji jinbang timing化科大吉.金榜題名 (advancement with auspiciousness.success in examination). Take your Laurel Pen Set, and your admission ticket for exam if you like, to circle around the incense burner for three rounds, and each round comes with the mantra chanting in mind, “Na Mo Ben Shi Da Zi Zai Wang Fo南無本師大自在王佛.”

    If you have worshiped the Buddha with incense, this is also the burner where you place your incense before performing the circling-the-burning ritual.

  • Initiation
  • Before use, we suggest you initiate your Laurel Pen Set by writing the name of the Dharma-Body Buddha, namely, “Na Mo Ben Shi Da Zi Zai Wang Fo南無本師大自在王佛”—the ultimate summation of all glory, perfection, and kindness – for three times. It will empower your Pen Set in ways you can never imagine.In the Temple’s main hall, there is a “Success in Exams Book” for you to perform the initiation ritual.

  • Charity and Dedication
  • We welcome your contribution in any capacity if you wish to express your gratitude toward the Buddha and forward your joyfulness, say, bymaking charitable donation, offering incense to the Buddha, sponsoring the Forshang publications, or lighting aGlory Lamp. The merits and virtue of doing so are immeasurable.