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Blessing Incense
Blessing Incense

Sakyamuni Buddha had instructed, “incense is Buddha’s messenger”; and as such, offering incense to communicate with Buddha, to pay tribute and make wishes, has long been a Buddhist tradition for more than 2500 years. To honor Sakyamuni Buddha and glorify the significance of incense, Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple specially designs the world-distinctive blessing incense in total of 20 different sorts, each with its energy propensity, to help expediently fulfill the worshipper’s wishes.

All these incenses are enlightened by Master Lee, the 3rd Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism and the Abbot of the Temple, before handing to the worshippers. For your convenience, we group these 20 kinds of incense into two sets: “The Perfect Series” and “The Great Series.” In addition, every month, Master Lee will prepare “This Month’s Specials,” based on the overall energy dynamics of the concerning month, for the worshippers to choose from, including Booming Fortune Set, Health & Wellness Set, and Thriving Career Set.

Many people come to the Temple to worship the Buddha from time to time. Especially since visiting temple during the New Year Holidays and the Chinese New Year Festivals in order to initiate a new year with Buddha’s blessing has been a prevailing tradition in Taiwan, you can imagine the crowds.

Theblessing incenses offered in the Temple are as follows:

The Perfect Series:
  • Incense for Buddha: To worship the Buddhas with the mind of discipline, concentration, and wisdom can best resonate with Buddha’s blessings and guardianship. May we suggest you worship with the Incense for Buddha before whatever incense you will be offering.
  • Incense for Health: Blessing for physical and mental health, longevity, quick recovery from illness, etc.
  • Incense for Fortune: Earning extra profits or bonuses beyond regular income, such as investment in stock market or winning lottery.
  • Incense for Career: Blessings in association with work, life planning, fruitful career, promotion, etc.
  • Incense for Honor: Blessings in association with exam, prize, competition, advancement in study, earning great renown, protection from vicious smear, etc.
  • Incense for Benefactors: For earning extra help from any particular persons, Buddha and bodhisattvas, or benefit from any favorable events or situations.
  • Incense for Love: Blessing for finding your true love, having intimate family ties, or establishing harmonious human relationship.
  • Incense for Peace: Having a peaceful mind is the best blessing one can get, with no affliction or infliction whatsoever but in the state of ease and benevolence. You may offer the Incense for Peace to express your gratitude for enjoying a peaceful life, or to reverse the disadvantage into your advantage.
  • Incense for Parents: Filial piety is the virtue above all and parent is where our meritorious rewards lie. Offering the Incense for Parents can bring fortune and longevity to our beloved seniors (parents, grandparents, etc.). If they have already left us, it can help them establish unimaginable affinity with Buddha.
  • Incense for Offspring: Offspring can refer to our children, students, employees, subordinates, or those junior to us. For the family to become flourishing or the subordinates to become our best aids, you may worship with the Incense for Offspring.
The Great Series Set
  • Incense for Grand Luck: This Incense can boost the energy of whatever you are doing well or are capable of. You can also worship with this Incense for any particular matter – say, to excel in the event of exam or competition.
  • Incense for Concord and Righteousness: Blessings for fruitful career profits and gains, and for establishing reliable allies, whether asyour business partners or loyal aids.
  • Incense for Propitiousness: Blessing for all beneficial conditions ready at your fingertips, and the destiny on your side. You will continue to be blessed with propitiousness, glory, and benevolence. It works perfectly with the Incense for Wish Fulfillment.
  • Incense for Wish Fulfillment: Blessing for all the best, especially on the projects involving intellectuality or professionalism. You will continue to be blessed with propitiousness, glory, and benevolence. It works perfectly with the Incense for Propitiousness.
  • Incense for Reward: Blessing for the reward you deserve, the consequence of meritorious deeds you did in the pastlifetimes, to come into effect at the right moment and bring it to fruition.
  • Incense for Wisdom: Blessing for improving our wisdom, which not only helps solve our own problem, but also helps develop our knowledge and intellect to the full in order to benefit many others. Simply put, the Incense for Wisdom helps us transcend our limit and change our destiny.
  • Incense for Merits and Virtue: Merit is the reward for one’s good deed – one merit for one good deed. But virtue is beyond merits – when the good deed begets uncountable merits that last forever, it is virtue. The Incense for Merits and Virtue is to turn one’s merits into time-transcendental virtue. This incense is also good for our ancestors: It helps save them from the loop of reincarnation and enter the blissful land, and meanwhile, it rewards their offspring, namely the supplicant, with fortune and blessing.
  • Incense for Dedication: Dedication is to direct blessings towards any specific person, say, one’s family member or friend, or all sentient beings of the entire universe.
  • Incense for Purification: Helps clear away afflictions and turns bad luck into good luck. What’s more, it helps prompt one’s potentials and transform the adversity to become the stepping-stone for advancement.
  • Incense for Harmony: Blessing for harmony in body, mind, and social relations. For body-mind harmony, this incense goes perfectly with the Incense for Health.