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New Year Holidays Only
2023 Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm Supplication Timetable

The Lucky Charm Supplication is around the corner. ^^

For 2023, in addition to the Classic Gold, the Annual Special Colors are coffee and oragne and purple and azure.This year, the Classic Gold Lucky Charm has a different look as well.

For supplicating a Lucky Charm, one has to toss a pair of crescent-shaped divination blocks before the Buddha Da Zi Zai Wang Fo 大自在王佛. Specifically, under the Temple staff’s guidance, if one gets the “holy divination” – that is, with one crescent block facing up and the other facing down, an indication of yin-yang harmony – for three consecutive times, then s/he will be granted a Lucky Charm.
In every December, the Temple’s official website and FB will announce the schedule of the Lucky Charm Supplication for the coming year.

2023 Lucky Charm Supplication Timetable (You are welcome to circulate and forward.)

Every year, Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple will prepare more than a thousand of specially-designed Lucky Charms to give away. All the Lucky Charms are enlightened by Master Lee, the Abbot of the Temple, before giving to the supplicants. They represent Buddha’s blessing and the Temple’s best wishes for people to enjoy a successful, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful coming year.

All the Lucky Charms are hand-made, punching with needles for thousands of times to create an artistic feel to the surface, which comes with the incuse of “guanyin li 觀音力 (The Power of Guanyin),” words echoing the inscription on the Temple’s Guardian Stone, words speaking also to Bodhisattva Guanyin’s utmost compassion. The Lucky Charm not only embodies Buddha’s blessing, it is also a collectible art – and as such, thousands of visitors are drawn to get one every year.

There are two types of Lucky Charm, the Classic Gold and the Annual Special Color (such as coffee, orange, purple, azure, etc.). The Classic Gold, signifying spiritual advancement, comes with “The Forshang Patriarch’s Buddha Worship Incense” and Master Lee’s calligraphy of Jixiang ruyi吉祥如意 (propitious and wish-fulfilling) on the purple fabric. The Annual Color, for blessing of secular wellness and prosperity, comes with “The Sand of the Bodhi Path,” in addition to the purple fabric written with Master Lee’s calligraphy of Jixiang ruyi吉祥如意.

Lucky Charms are available each year only during the season of New Year Holidays and the Chinese New Year Festivals.