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The “25 Tathagata” Grand Offering Method & “Meritorious Relics Exhibition

The “25 Tathagata” Grand Offering Method & “Meritorious Relics Exhibition”

The “25 Tathagata” Grand Offering Method & “Meritorious Relics Exhibition” will be held at the Forshang “Thousand-Hand Thousand-eye Guanyin Bodhisattva” Holy Pure Land, from 2023/4/1~2023/4/5.

The Lotus Sutra states that all Buddhas appear in the world for one great cause. The first patriarch of Forshang Buddhism is the direct incarnation of Da Zi Zai Wang Fo, literally ‘the ultimate Buddha of great freedom,’ propagating dharma to all.
To pay homage to Buddhas and make praise to Tathagatas are vows from the Ten Great Vows of the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, which are of infinite merit. Today, the third Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism, Master Lee Sun-Don, compassionately initiated the “25 Tathagata” Grand Offering Method. Those who praise the buddha and practice the dharma are blessed with inconceivable karma, and those who hear and see the name and face of the buddhas and Tathagatas must surely receive their blessings!

Meritorious Relics Exhibition

Shakyamuni Buddha once said that those who arrive in the pure land after death are assuredly granted relics upon cremation.

There are two types of relics: “whole-body relics” and “fragmentary relics.” After Shakyamuni Buddha’s cremation, an abundance of relics were produced, which came in various forms like black, white, red, and multi-colored, and can appear in the shape of beads and flowers. Another type of relic considered to be of rather holiness is known as bone relic. This type of relic is said to have exceptional qualities, as the bones may appear pure white and sparkling, or they may exhibit a dazzling array of colors at the joints and bones.

The Abbot of Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, Master Lee Sun-Don, produces“Forshang Deliverance Rice 佛乘往生米” to deliver the deceased to the Pure Land. Those who are cremated with the“Forshang Deliverance Rice,”whether human or animal, may produce relics and be reborn in the Pure Land.


The 'Meritorious Relics Exhibition' will exhibit the relics of 108 individuals and 48 animals.