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Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple 「2021 New Year Celebrations」

《2021 New Year Celebrations》

【New Year Eve】


New Year Countdown

Spectacular Firework Display

Offering Incense to Initiate the New Year

Lucky Charm Supplication

【Chinese New Year Celebrations】

Offering Incense to Initiate the New Year

Lucky Charm Supplication

【Lucky Charm Supplication】


2021/1/1~1/3, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31,

2/12 (First day of Chinese New Year)~2/16 (Fifth day of Chinese New Year), 2/21

Guinness World Record™- The Largest Steel Sculpture

The Holy Thousand-Hand Guanyin Statue at Tamsui‧New Year Celebrations

【Opening Hours】

Every Saturdays & Sundays 10:00~16:00

(New Year’s Holidays) 2021/1/1~1/3 10:00~16:00

(Chinese New Year Holidays)

2021/2/10 10:00~16:00

2021/2/11 Closed

2021/2/12 07:30~16:00

2021/2/13 ~ 2/16 10:00~16:00

【Offering Incense to Initiate the New Year】

Holy Mantra Incense

Blessing Incense

【Opening areas】

Visitor center on 1st floor: incense purchase, charity donation, drinking fountain, and restroom.

Visitor center on 2nd floor: photo spots

(The holy sculpture, decoration of its exterior and interior, and the official park area are still under construction, donations are appreciated and welcomed.)

Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple and the Holy Thousand-Hand Guanyin Let the New Year become 「oxstanding」

The Holy Thousand-Hand Guanyin Statue has also known as one of the popular photo spots among the Light Rail Transit (LRT), so while you are busying taking photos of yourself, don't forget to take part in our special New Year events. Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple has been attracting tourists around the world, this will be the best place for you and your families to enjoy the coming New Year.

Blessing Incense for both your body and soul

The world-distinctive blessing incense which includes 「The Perfect Series (十全十美)」 and 「The Great Series Set (十大圓滿)」 are only available in Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple. The blessing incense includes: Incense for Buddha, Incense for Health, Incense for Fortune, Incense for Career, Incense for Honor, Incense for Benefactors, Incense for Love, Incense for Peace, Incense for Parents, Incense for Offspring, Incense for Grand Luck, Incense for Concord and Righteousness, Incense for Propitiousness, Incense for Wish Fulfillment, Incense for Reward, Incense for Wisdom, Incense for Merits and Virtue, Incense for Dedication, Incense for Purification, and Incense for Harmony. There are twenty kinds of them in total. Every incense have been specially cleansed and blessed by the 3rd patriarch of Forshang, Master Lee, which made each of them holding the power for achieving and fulfilling. The incenses has drawn numerous visitors throughout the year, and without a doubt, New Years are especially the time for the endless stream of pilgrims!

The Temple fair satisfied not only your stomach but also your heart!

During Chinese New Year, Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple also holds a special food fair for you to enjoy! The fair includes popular foods and snacks from Taiwan and games to entertain. To fill your stomach, there are Flaky Lucky Scallion Pancakes, Bubbly Tea Pub, and Sugarcoated Haws on Stick, etc. As for the gaming area, there are ring toss, balloon darts and more. All for you to have fun in win the prize!

The Grand Oracle is accurate and famous that will draw your attention

There are no better time than New Year to know your Grand Oracle of the whole year. All of the oracles in Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple have been developed from the famous I Ching trigram, which are 384 lines in total. Going through three steps of praying, the result has always been ever so accurate that appeals countless of visitors throughout the world.

For oracle explication, there are advanced spiritual practitioners on site for consultancy. The Forshang dharma, 「Da Zi Zai Perfect Realization of Bodhi Dharma 大自在圓證菩提大法,」 is also available for oracle querents to expediently fulfill their wishes. Performed by the Temple’s Abbot Master Lee Sun-Don under the Forshang Heritage, this dharma helps clear up the karma-associated barricades and bring further blessing for a more favorable outcome, depending on the oracle concerned.