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Friendly Reminders
Grand Oracle

The Grand Oracle of Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple is a divination system empowered by the Dharma-Body Buddha, namely Da Zi Zai Wang Fo大自在王佛, with reference to the wisdom of Chinese ancient civilization, the Book of Change (I Ching易經). As a function of two sets of Eight Diagrams and one set of Six Variables, this divination system comprises 384 (=8×8×6) oracles in total. Specifically, each oracle is made of the combination of three bamboo slips drawn from the respective lot pots through a specific divination procedure.

For oracle explication, there are advanced spiritual practitioners on site for consultancy.

The Forshang dharma, “Da Zi Zai Perfect Realization of Bodhi Dharma大自在圓證菩提大法,” is also available for oracle querents to expediently fulfill theirwishes. Performed by the Temple’s Abbot Master Lee Sun-Don under the Forshang Heritage, this dharma helps clear up the karma-associated barricades and bring further blessing for a more favorable outcome, depending on the oracle concerned.


There are two sets of oracle divination device in the main hall, each comprising three lot pots. The querent chooses either set and proceeds with the divination procedure, that is, to get the bamboo slip right for you from each of the pot. The combination of the three slips in the order of white-black-yellow is the oracle for you. The specific procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1:
    Kneel tall (bottom off heels), perform a bow and chant Buddha’s name, Na Mo Ben Shi Da Zi Zai Wang Fo南無本師大自在王佛, for three times, and then express your inquiry in mind. Perform another three bows before rising.
  • Step 2:
    Take a pair of crescent-shaped wooden pieces from the tripod vessel. Draw a bamboo slip from the WHITE lot pot (containing white color-block slips). Kneel tall and toss the crescent-shaped wooden pieces on the floor. If the wooden pieces show one facing up and one facing down, this is a sign of yin-yang coordination and this is the lot right for you. Take note of the diagram (or remember it by its number), put it back, and move on to Step 3.
    If the dropped wooden pieces are either two sides up or two sides down, this is not for you. Redraw a slip from the same pot and repeat the same step. Not until the yin-yang coordination appears do we move on to the next step.
  • Step 3:
    Draw the bamboo slip from the BLACK lot pot (containing black color-block slips). Follow the same procedure as described in Step 2 for your 2nd lot.
  • Step 4:
    Draw the bamboo slip from the YELLOW lot pot (containing yellow color-block slips). Follow the same procedure as described in Step 2 for your 3rd lot.
  • Step 5:
    Put all three lots in the order of white, black, and yellow to identify your oracle. Find the corresponding verse of your oracle in the Oracle Cabinet located in the back right corner of the lobby to complete the divination.
Friendly Reminders
  • Ask one, and only one, question at a time; the oracle you are granted will be more precise.
  • The same question should not be asked more than once in the same day.
  • The same question can be asked up to three times in the same year, but with a minimum interval of three months in between.
  • If you happen to draw the same bamboo slip back to back, do not put it back, but proceed with your following divination, for the time-space has been changing, and therefore the result of your divination is changing accordingly.