Blessing Pyramid + Purification Nine-Cell Matrix
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Blessing Pyramid
Purification Nine-Cell Matrix
Blessing Zone: Potential-Activation Pyramid

On the left side of the main hall is the blessing zone, the Potential-Activation Pyramid made in the exact ratio of the Egyptian Pyramid but adorned with certain script-like illustrations in colors of purple, yellow, green, and red. These illustrations are totems of the dharma universe created by Master Lee, the Temple’s Abbot and 3rd Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism, in order to expediently elicit four of ourpotential positiveenergies – wisdom (the totems in yellow color), wealth (purple), health (green) and love (red)– and bring our wishes for goodness to fruition.

Purification Zone: The I Ching Nine-Cell Matrix

The upper left corner of the main hall is the Purification Zone, the I Ching Nine-Cell Matrix. Forshang’s 3rd Patriarch Master Lee Sun-Don employsthe wisdom of I Ching易經(Book of Change) and the Eight Diagrams for their commensurability with the transformative comic energies, and creates this energy experimental zone with nine dynamic energy totems. These nine totemic illustrations will develop variant energy complex accordingly in order for expedient purification, depending on the karmic causality of the one standing before it.