Fortune-Longevity Incense
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Fortune-Longevity Incense
Fortune-Longevity Incense, Complimentary for Elders

To pay tribute to the elders and celebrate the virtue of filial piety, Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple specifically designs the purple-golden “Fortune-Longevity Incense” for the seniors. This Incense is hand-made with British lotus essence and golden powder, and more importantly, it is enlightened and blessed by the Abbot of the Temple, Master Lee Sun-Don, before giving away. We welcome you to bring your parents or any seniors to visit us and make wishes with this complimentary Incense.


For any elder at the age of 65 or over, if s/he takes a picture with any of Buddha statues in the garden of the Temple and shows it to the staff at the Incense counter, then s/he will receive a complimentary “Fortune-Longevity incense.”