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Charitable Donation
Charitable Donation
Your Name – Inscribed on the Wall as Contributor -- Is the Most Beautiful Totem

We thank you for your contribution. And if not yet, please join us in constructing the world’s first colossal sitting Buddha statue in the image of Thousand-Hand Thousand-Eye Guanyin Bodhisattva. It is to establish your benign destinies as well as those of many others across the past, present, and future lifetimes.

We welcome your contributions in any capacity.

If you have no idea of how much to contribute, there are various selections for you to choose from – a unit of building stone, concrete, steel, the hand with eye (on the thousand-hand thousand-eye dharma wheel), or the Lotus Petal (part of the Lotus Throne)– all of which are entitled to inscribing your name on the “wall of the contributors.”

How to Make Contribution
  • Visit in Person
    • Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, +886-2-2626-9242 (Cash or Credit Card)
    • The Thousand-Hand Thousand-Eye Guanyin Bodhisattva Statue at Tamsui, +886-2-2626-9242 (Cash or Credit Card)
    • Forshang Buddhism World Center.Da-Yuan Association, +886-2-2756-3012 (Cash only)
  • Remittance
  • Account Holder:Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple
    Account Number:Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Fu-Dan Branch,#1254717711110
    ※ To send your donation receipt, please fax your remittance receipt together withyour phone number, mailing address, and the name of the entitlement of the donation receipt to +886-2-2626-9233. Thank you.