The Grand Gate • The Dharma Bell • The Forever Courtyard
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The Grand Gate • The Dharma Bell • The Forever Courtyard
The Grand Gate • The Dharma Bell • The Forever Courtyard
The Grand Gate & Water Wall

Visiting Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, what comes into view first is the magnificentGrand Gate in height of7.5 meters. It is heavy as well, with 1,500 kilograms in weight. It is made of Borneo ironwood for its durability for hundreds of years.The “wall” on both side of the Grand Gate is especially creative. It uses “water” as the fence of the Temple: the transparency of the water opens the Temple to the outside world, rather than circumscribe it. The “water wall,” however, changes into stainless steel railings at the end of the day so as to guard the temple.Very genius design, aesthetic and functional!

The Dharma Bell

The Dharma Bell is made of cast bronze in the fashion of Tang style, elegant and solemn. It is 192 centimeters in height, 108 centimeters in diameter and weighs 1,300 kilograms. The Dharma Bell, with Forshang’s “Worship and Repentance Prayer” engraved on its surface, produces the sound that is loud and clear, resonating throughout.On every New Year Eve, Master Lee will chime the bell to pray for the peace of the world.

The Forever Courtyard

The stone slates on the Temple’s courtyard were paved so “unprofessionally”that somegrasses have even spouted out of the slit between the slates. For Master Lee, however, this is the most “beautiful” scene of the Temple.

It was January 28 of 2001. To greet the first Chinese New Year after the Temple was first open to the public in August 2000, many Forshang disciples worked with Master Lee at night to pave the slate one by one to have it ready for the next day’s service. It was drizzling and freezing cold, but every one of them was smiling at heart, despite the hardship.

Though unprofessionally paved, “just leave it this way; never change it!” Master Lee instructed, “Let the disciplines of the future generationsknow how their predecessors worked their fingers to the bone to establish the temple, despite the lack of resources….”

This courtyard is the witness to the trailblazing of the Temple’s early years and how the Temple was established in the spirit of collaboration – This is a “forever courtyard.”